Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have no idea where it went! Tuesday was good! Really good! I think because I felt so crappy still.......... I followed my plan, minus the apple, add a rum and diet pepsi;) Yesterday was good too, kinda. I went over by one point. I ate very healthy, but then bought a dark chocolate fruit and nut bar. Not a regular size one, but a giant one! I shared a little with my son, and ate the rest myself. It was one of those need chocolate kind of days. Which brings me to today. Today is a need any kind of food kinda day! I started with oats, lunch was a turkey sandwich, followed by numerous other snacks (goldfish, chocolate chips, part of a Kashi bar). I have succumbed to the fact that I NEED food today. End of story.

But let me go back to yesterday! It was a really good day! I had an awesome workout. 35 minutes running on treadmill, and 15 minutes strength training. I then made a really good Easy White Bean Soup. I omitted the water, used a can of diced tomatoes, green pepper, curry powder, and oregano. It was really good. I would add in some water next time though. This soup is very filling, and it made 5 one cup portions. I measured and froze the other 4. The point count was 6 points but I think it is worth it! I had it with a slice of rye toast and a portion of laughing cow light cheese. For a total value of 8 points. Not too bad.

I have 2 apps which I love right now! The Nike GPS app which tracks my indoor runs. I have been using the treadmill so that is nice. Yesterday I accidentally ended my run halfway through and found an option for challenging yourself. You can try to beat your last run. So I tried to beat my last pace. Good motivation!! Didn't work though, too tired! I will definitely use this again though, because it was very good motivation! I also found the Nike Training app which is for strength training. I love it because I cannot lift weights alone, I don't have the attention span. It even gives videos of moves and counts down the time for you.
Ahhhh motivation, I hope you come back tomorrow!!!

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