Saturday, January 8, 2011


It has been snowing since last night here! They are calling for over a foot by the end of the weekend! Craziness! So we decided to go to the mall! It was far less busy than a regular day, which was very nice! T (my husband) had some clothes to exchange, and I went to David's tea and took my son to the Sea Life Caverns. I am all for neat stuff that my little guy will enjoy, but these animals were in little tiny rooms they could barely fit in. It made me pretty sad for them, and I don't think that I will be going back there!

My choices today have been pretty bad! Things started out so good. The usual oats for breakfast, hard-boiled egg, 1 slice of rye toast, and laughing cow cheese for lunch, then we went to the mall and by the time we got home I was starving! Never a good idea. We decided to order Vietnamese for supper, and for a snack I had the skinny taco dip with whole grain tortillas (I didn't go scrap booking because the roads are so bad). For supper I ordered a chicken broth based seafood soup with rice noodles and T ordered spring rolls and deep fried won tons. Well, I had to have some of those............. and now I feel gross! Too much eating! I did however, try "Read My Lips" from David's Tea! Amazing! Chocolate, mint, vanilla.......what more could you ask for in a tea?

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day! I will drink tons of water, and make sure I work out! For exercise today we shoveled snow! Super hard work when there is so much of it!

We watched Dinner for Schmucks last night, and we thought it was super funny! Totally surprising, because I thought it would be dumb;))) Maybe Inception tonight?

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