Monday, January 10, 2011

Working it Out

The past couple of days have been pretty busy. I did manage to do 40 minutes on the treadmill yesterday. I ran 5.7 kms! Pretty good for me since I haven't done a lot of running lately! I also shoveled more snow last night, and feel super sore today! Then today I did 18 minutes running, (I was feeling pretty tired) and then 10 walking on an incline. It feels so good to be exercising again, and I can't wait to keep building up my distance. I can honestly say that I love running!

Food choices have been pretty good the past couple of days too. Today I had oats for breakfast, (big surprise) and tea!! Yes tea and it felt good! I didn't even miss the coffee. 2 eggs, and a salad for lunch, and tuna sandwich for dinner. I have 8 points left, but I don't feel like eating them today. T and the little guy are a little stomach sick so hopefully i'm not getting it. I am doing a weekly weigh in with my mom and sister-in-law tomorrow. This will be our first week seeing results, and hopefully they are good ones!

I had to take my poor diabetic kitty to the vet today, and they think she has pancreatitis or something? So she is on medication for it. So now every morning and evening I have to give her a shot of insulin, and inject this medicine in her mouth. Oh, and also feed her 5 small servings of
food for the next 3 days. Oh, and also take care of a 3 year old and 9 month old! Ahh but I love my life and wouldn't trade its craziness for anything;)))

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